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Resort in Vietnam, Nha Trang Sustainable Hotel - Six Senses

Environmental Responsibility

We recognize the importance of letting impartial specialists evaluate our environmental performances in order to make sure we are doing the right things and to get suggestions for ongoing improvements.

Waste Reduction

Waste, garbage, trash, rubbish, whatever you like to call it, is a huge cause of environmental degradation.  We take an active and serious responsibility for the disposal of all our  waste.  Every measure is taken to ensure that none of our waste is dumped in any countryside areas or more importantly dumped illegally offshore.

We continually monitor how much rubbish we produce and ensure that all necessary steps are taken to reduce any increase.  We have informed all our suppliers to reduce packaging when delivering supplies and use most packaging many times before discarding.  Our printing paper is eco-labeled and often recycled and we have an in house “both sides” policy.  Natural rubbish bags, such as potato sacks, are used to reduce plastic waste.

We have created our own recycling facility in a corner where waste is separated into paper, plastic, metal, glass, kitchen waste garden waste and toxic waste.  

All our food waste from the kitchen and restaurants is sold to a farm and the composting program ensures that all biodegradable waste from these activities is being reused in our landscape and gardening. The hosts at Evason Ana Mandara are involved in several environmental initiatives working with the local people on clean up projects collecting litter. 

Batteries and any electronic equipment release very harmful and toxic chemicals into the air and water when they are discarded. There is no facility to recycle used batteries or electric equipment in Vietnam and we kindly ask that guests place these into the box in the Gift Shop. We also ask you not to use airport luggage plastic sealing facilities, as it creates a large amount of unnecessary wastage.

Chemical Reduction

The Evason Ana Mandara has a “No Bleach” policy therefore we use only unbleached and naturally dyed cottons and fabrics in guestrooms, restaurants and throughout the resort.

In our swimming pools we use saline and an ionization pool cleaning system to reduce the use of environmentally damaging chlorine. We use rechargeable batteries wherever operationally possible instead of alkaline batteries. We use recycled engine oil to treat and darken some of the external wood constructions around the resort. Paints and other oil based chemicals are limited in use as part of our environment awareness program. There is a generous amount of flame lighting throughout the resort; we recycle our discarded cooking oil to use as fuel for these burners.

Our laundry uses an automated filling system to ensure that only the required amount of chemical is dispensed. We reduce the amount of detergent used and utilize as much biodegradable detergents as possible. If you would like to use your towels more than once please kindly leave it hanging and if you would like it to be laundered then please place in the rattan basket. If you would like to have your sheets changed every day we are happy to provide this service; if you would like to keep the same sheets then please leave the pebble on the bed.

Social Responsibility

Half of the funds collected from drinking-water sales is directly donated to our fund in order to support the access of clean water in rural areas in Vietnam.

In an attempt to improve the situation with dirty drinking water in Nha Trang, Evason Ana Mandara Resort has been helping local communities in Khanh Hoa province to access safe water. In October 2012 the resort installed the latest two water filters in the Mai Váng and Hoáng Yên Kindergarten at the Cam Lâm Commune in Nha Trang.
Evason Ana Mandara also helped two local Pagodas and their enclosed orphanages in Nha Trang by setting up additional water filter systems in September 2012. Water filters were installed in the Phu Quang Pagoda and the Lôc Tho Pagoda in Nha Trang. With those filters, tap water is cleaned and purified to drinking water quality, significantly improving the situation of a total of 853 children in three kindergartens and two orphanages.

In 2011 Evason Ana Mandara installed a total of ten water filters in Vietnam, especially in the area around Nha Trang. The filters were installed in ten kindergartens for the minority people within the Khanh Hoa province, helping almost 2000 children to access clean water. We still support the communities by maintaining their systems.


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