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Hua Hin Eco Resort, Evason Hua Hin - Six Senses

Environmental Responsibility

Here are some sustainable approaches towards resort operations followed by Six Senses Holistic Environmental Responsibility.

Organic Vegetable Garden

The resort has adopted a new direction by combining organic gardening using permaculture principals and an on-site recycling program. An organic raised bed garden is being built using a combination of recycled materials. 

The results may surprise you. The idea is to use the area as an educational tool for the local community to demonstrate that the concept of waste is essentially a question of perception. We are experimenting building beds using old beer bottles, wine bottles, mud bricks and aluminum cans to grow a range of different organic vegetables (yard long beans, chillis, buttercrunch, lolla rossa, oak leaf, cos and rocket lettuce as well as a range of herbs). 

So, rest assured if you feel like having another bottle of wine or a few more beers you will be contributing to a good cause. Another interesting aspect to the garden is the direct comparisons we can draw between conventional organic garden beds drawing its goodness from our home made compost and mulches and our state of the art hydroponic raft system fed by a nutrient solution.

Mushroom Hut

At the edge of the main walkway through the garden there is a wooden door leading into the fungal kingdom - a mushroom cultivation hut where we grow oyster and woodear mushrooms on sawdust for use in the kitchens and the host canteen. 

Once the mushrooms have extracted the cellulose and lignin from the wood the resulting rich compost is then used in the garden as mulch.

Waste Management and Waste Minimization

A waste management practice is implemented to minimize the impacts of waste on the environment. The procedure includes reducing, re-using, re-cycling and disposing of waste appropriately. 

Waste is systematically disposed by the appropriate channels. Paper, glass, aluminum, plastic and metal is recycled. We reuse old bed sheets for wrapping cloth and laundry bags. However, there are some things which we cannot dispose of safely in this area, for example batteries and any electronic waste. These are often mixed with other rubbish, where they either end up being incinerated or buried. In either case, they release very toxic chemicals into the air and water. 

We have switched to rechargeable batteries to reduce electronic waste. Only wet garbage from the kitchen is used in animal husbandry purposes such as the pig raising farm. Organic waste from garden goes through a recycling process by allowing it to decompose, after a couple months it turns into natural soil conditioner and fertilizer in the resort's garden and vegetation projects. Only small amounts of waste are delivered to the municipal landfill.

Supporting Sirinart Rajini Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Center

We are continuing our support for the Sirinart Rajini Mangrove Ecosystem Learning Center. 

These former and abandoned shrimp ponds have been turned into a healthy mangrove ecosystem, so that others can learn from these trial and error outcomes. 

The results will be included in the Learning Centre. Admission is free for tourists and they can learn about the importance of mangrove ecosystems and the relation between mangrove forests and fishing livelihood.

Social Responsibility

In terms of our Social Responsibility program, apart from activity conducted by the resort, we also contribute money, manpower, and offer as much support as possible to local NGOs, government agencies, local schools and the community to reach their goals.

English for Youth Guides

Creating awareness of mangrove conservation among children from local schools and the entire community by increasing knowledge of mangrove ecology. Local youngsters are then prepared to conduct mangrove eco-tours for tourists from many other areas. Local children are volunteer youth guides during weekend and school break. 

We received great support during a training session by the Evason Hua Hin ECO Team along with native speakers about Basic English Conversation for Tourism, which later brings motivation to these students to be able to speak confidently in English to visitors. As a result of this youth camp, half of them have been selected to move into the next step of a development program on Effective English Communication; Sirinarth Rajinee International Study Mangrove Center.

Equal Employment

Equal Employment Opportunity is without regard to race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, national origin, marital status, physical and mental disability - except where such disability renders the person incapable of doing the job - or veteran status. According to our core values, we display fairness and integrity, and foster mutual trust and care in our dealings with our hosts, our business partners and our clients. Presently we have three disabled hosts working at our resort.

Earth Day

On April 22, 1970, Earth Day was conceived and it was made clear that the public should be asked to support and give a commitment to saving the environment. Evason Hua Hin celebrates Earth Day along with many other organizations around the world. With this in mind our resort always promotes awareness among our hosts, guests and the local community, plus promoting biking, cleaning activities, and conserving mangrove forests.

Prachuabchock Foster Home

Each year we visit people with disabilities who are living on minimal funding supported by the government, to bring living materials, food, and rice for their consumption. There are games and other activities, and good lunch cooked by our chefs.

Baan Pa Deng

Children from a hill tribe orphanage have been moved far from their homes and are living in a house in Baan Pa Deng Sub district, near Pha La U Water Fall. They come for schooling and are self-sustaining, growing vegetable and fruit, raising hens for eggs and frogs for meat. Recently, in September 2012, we helped them build an egg farm and vegetable plantation.


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