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Activities in Singapore | Things to do at Six Senses Duxton

Experience Highlights

Food lover's paradise

Discover culinary delights of Tanjong Pagar

Singapore is often regarded as food lover's paradise. In the historic area of Tanjong Pagar, many family-run restaurants and food stalls have been in business for generations. Join our culinary experiences to explore the local food culture.

Chinese Tea Appreciation

Tea is prepared and enjoyed across many cultures. Visit Yixing Xuan Teahouse, which is located 100 meters from the hotel and they will demonstrate how the Chinese go about preparing and appreciating tea. 

Maxwell Food Center

A five-minute walk from the hotel is Maxwell Food Center, one of the most famous hawker centers in Singapore. Many are second- and third-generation owners who inherited their parents’ businesses and traditional recipes.

For mind body and soul

Get away from it all in the middle of it all

There's a range of wellness activities to get away from the bustle of Singapore, in the middle of it all. Morning yoga session in a leafy urban park, the healing culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine or cycling and jogging.  

Morning yoga in urban oasis

We offer a complimentary yoga session twice a week at the petite urban park behind the hotel. The yoga experience includes singing bowl meditation.  

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Get to know more about the different forms of Traditional Chinese Medicine - herbal medicine, acupuncture, massage (tui na), exercise (qigong), and dietary therapy. The experience includes consultative conversation with recommendations to improve overall wellness.

Outdoor Fitness

There are public fitness stations specially designed for outdoor workouts overlooking the Duxton Plain Park or Pearl’s Hill City Park. Complimentary use of bikes is available to all guests to reach those urban parks.

Historic walks

Discover historic Singapore

Walk around the historic neighborhood of Tanjong Pagar and discover its unique aspects which offer an insight into the cultural, religious and historical background of the area.

New Life to Old Shophouses

Fancy being Robert Capa? Put on your artistic lens and snap away. Shophouses date back to the 1800's and you will find different architectural shophouse designs from the different eras.

Pearl's Hill City Park Trek

Explore a hidden oasis of peace and tranquility in Tanjong Pagar’s neighborhood. Head down to Tiong Bahru estate to discover the hipster cafes of the area.

Heritage Trees

While Singapore has developed from a forested island into a built-up jungle, it is still focused on green initiatives. The government has established a policy to earmark heritage trees all around the country, with eight trees in our vicinity.


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