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When to Visit Six Senses Bhutan

When to Visit

SSBTN Punakha Main Facilities

Bhutan is an all-year destination with several points of interests and activities for each season. Hiking can be done throughout the year as are biking and trekking, visiting monasteries, museums and camping sites.

High season is throughout March to May and September to November, with peaking months during April and October particularly during significant festival periods when there will be many tourists and restricted availability on flights.

June to August allow you to enjoy lush landscapes with blooming flowers and vegetation, while December to February is ideal for mountain viewing during sunny days.

Spring and Autumn Seasons

March to May/September to November

Bhutanese tshechus or festivals are held in each district on the tenth day of a month of the lunar Tibetan calendar. Tshechus are large social gatherings, which perform the function of social bonding among the people. The Thimphu Tshechu (October) and the Paro Tshechu (March or April) are among the biggest in the Kingdom. Most tshechus also feature the unveiling of a thongdrel - a large "Buddhist painting on cotton" known as the thangka depicting a Padmasambhava surrounded by holy beings. The viewing of the thangka is said to cleanse the viewer of their sins. The weather during this period is ideal for sightseeing tours and many tourists visit the Kingdom.

Summer and Winter Season

June to August
During this period, tourists may expect afternoon rainshowers. Less tourists visit the Kingdom due to a misconception of it being monsoon season. Summer often offers lush green fields and forests with flowers in bloom, as well as clear blue sky after the rain. It is a great period to explore the natural beauty of the Kingdom of Bhutan. Several yoga and meditation retreats are also held during this season.

December to February
Punakha is a favorite winter destination of the Bhutanese due to the mild cool weather with its lower altitude. From January to early March, Paro and Thimphu may experience light snowfall. This period is also a great time to catch the Black-necked cranes in Gangtey.


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