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Vietnam Beach Resort, Con Dao Resort and Spa - Six Senses

Environmental Responsibility

Dugongs are a globally endangered species, listed as Vunerable on the IUCN Red List.

Lying directly in front of Six Senses Con Dao is prime habitat and feeding grounds for the small population that resides around Con Dao Islands. While Dugongs are listed in the Red Book of Vietnam (protected by law), Con Dao is the only place where that protection is enforced. The population around Con Dao right now is severely threatened within the local National Park and it is thought that there is only around 10 to 12 animals left.

Bay Protection Program

In co-operation with the National Park, Six Senses Con Dao aims to fully protect the bay area in front of the resort – currently open to fishing by local fisherman. A recent survey, conducted in co-operation with the National Park, spanning several days of diving and snorkelling conducted in co-operation with each other has revealed one of the largest concentrations of Sea Grass Beds around the islands – A dugong’s main source of food. It has found five different types of Sea Grass and over sixty different types of coral on a nearby reef. This reef system was severely damaged during hurricane Katherine in 1997 and has never fully recovered.

The National Park and Six Senses Con Dao have formed a long term plan, not only to help protect this Sea Grass area to help and further protect the rare Dugong population around Con Dao, but also to allow visitors to Con Dao and Six Senses guests to help in restoring this area to its former pristine glory.

Social Responsibility

Con Dao is an island with a current population of around 7,000 people. There has been a significant push in recent years in the educational establishments around the island. We now have a Pre-School/Kindergarten, Junior School, and High School all running at virtually full capacity. There is a high emphasis of educating the young.

Turtle Club

Demonstrating the power of online engagement, the resort has launched a new initiative to provide swimming lessons to the inhabitants of Con Son island. Drowning is one of the leading causes of death in children over the age of one in Vietnam. Vietnam Ministry of Health Statistics state that at least 10 children drown here every day. Many of these lives could be saved if the children knew how to swim. It is described as the "silent epidemic" by many international aid agencies. (Source: http://www.SwimVietnam.com). Lessons will be provided by certified professionals and volunteers, beginning with the resort's families and reaching out to the schools on the island.

Funds are raised through a Facebook photography competition between 5 March and 5 May, 2014. For every unique page like, the resort will donate USD 1 into the programme. Lessons are expected to begin in summer, 2014.

Water for Kids Program

During one of his regular visits to the Kindergarten school one of our hosts was curious as to where schools were getting their drinking water. She was lead to a room at the back of the school where they have to boil enough water every day for nearly 300 children.

After some consultation with Kurt Apel from Thai Waters and the supplier of the Six Senses Con Dao’s Crystal Water system, We now have plan in place to help provide safe, clean drinking water for the younger generation coming through the Pre-school/Kindergarten in Con Dao.

From sales of our Crystal Water in our By the Beach Restaurant, 50% of the proceedes go towards the purchase of a new Crystal Water system. The first school to receive this is the Pre-School/Kindergarten - a gift from the guests of Six Senses Con Dao.


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