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Douro Valley Wine Tours, Portugal Attractions - Six Senses

Experience Highlights


A host of wine-influenced activities

Visit some of the oldest wineries in the world producing vintages from the valley’s vine-filled terraces; join the fascinating wine certificate program, unique harvest activities and more.

Assault to Port Knox

Everyone knows that money in good hands grows with time - but did you know that Port grows in quality and also in value when well stored and when cared for? Quinta do Mourão, the neighboring property of Six Senses Douro Valley has a well-kept secret that we are now revealing to our guests.

In a cellar on top of the mountain that overlooks the hotel, huge wooden vats are the vessels for ageing Ports, some being more than 100 years old. Hints of caramel, nuts and dried fruits perfume the cellar, with its color transforming from bright red to shades of gold and tints of green.

This experience starts with a walk up the hill through the vineyard that leads to what is called Port Knox, a cool wine cellar with ageing Ports. The owner of the property will greet you and guide you through a tasting straight from the source of where one of the world’s greatest wines is produced. Selecting what you will taste from casks of Port Wine that have been ageing for 10, 20, 40 and even 100 years will certainly be a very memorable experience!

Price per guest: EUR 80

Walking duration: 20 minutes up and 20 minutes down the hill

Tasting time: One hour

Wine Tasting

As the heart of the resort is the Wine Library & Terrace. It is here that you will enjoy private wine-tastings of the Douro Valley’s best vintages expertly guided by the resort’s sommelier. 

The Hidden Douro

Among the historic vineyards, discover some rare jewels such as Quinta de Ervamoira, which is a 45-minute helicopter trip from the resort; Quinta do Crasto on the right bank of the Douro River; and beautiful Quinta Nova are just 15 minutes away by helicopter. Quinta do Vesúvio and Quinta do Bom Retiro are usually not  open to the public but we know who has the keys...

The Historic Valley

There are so many interesting excursion options

Discover a diverse range of attractions and activities, from prehistoric rock art sites to excursions by foot or vehicle to picturesque villages, historic churches, castles and river cruises. 

Walking through Douro

Take a leisurely walking trip with a private guide around the Douro Valley, through historic picturesque villages and vine-filled terraces. Or speed your pace with an electric bicycle.

Bird Watching and Helicopter Tour

Bird watching is a favorite pastime in the area, but for those really wishing to soar, fly above the verdant valley in a helicopter.

Douro River Cruise

The River Douro winds its lazy way through the world’s oldest wine-producing area. Cruises include lunch or dinner plus Port wine tastings.


So much to do, or not

Get away and spend precious time with someone special. These exclusive adventures are your key to a fascinating holiday and include treats for all your senses.

Canyoning The Cabrum

If you like a little challenge you can descent the River Cabrum Falls. This wild and unspoiled river environment immerses you into the very nature of the beautiful Douro Valley. Both rappelling and zip line techniques are used to complete this exhilarating challenge. Be prepared to get wet and take the trail where few others go.

Mountain Biking

Trails can be found everywhere in the Douro Valley. Rent a bike to discover the property and surrounds on your own, riding to the local wine estates and towns. If you feel more adventurous and full of energy, there are many guided tours through out of the way villages and rural paths. Our guides would love to create a trip according to your skills and ambitions, to share the hidden treasures of the local history along the way. Accept this challenge and you will be transported to a different era!

Tree Climbing

Almost all of us have at some point climbed a tree… either to pick a delicious apple or some cherries from the neighbor’s garden or just for fun. We invite you to get back up into the trees of our enchanted forest and renew these precious memories with our team of tree climbing specialists. As no special skills are required this activity is perfect for everyone. Return to your inner child and enjoy the view!

Family Experiences

The beautiful Douro Valley region has many activities that can be enjoyed as a family. For example, turn back the clock and share the youthful exuberance of tree climbing. The river also offers the opportunity for canoeing and water skiing, with boat trips being a highlight. Perhaps take a leisurely outing with the family on a cycling excursion or an even more leisurely picnic in the woods.


Six Senses Douro Valley offers a very special setting for a wedding celebration. Touched with the romance of the 19th century, the sun-kissed valley creates memories that will last a lifetime. We’ll assist will every last beautiful detail to make so.

Contact Information

For further details and assistance, please contact our groups coordinator:

E  salesda-dourovalley@sixsenses.com
T  +351 254 660 600

Meetings and Events

There’s several unique alternatives at Six Senses Douro Valley in which to conduct a small meeting. The setting is ideal for focused discussions and presentations, with wonderful options for breakouts, combined activities and dining.

Contact Information

For further details and assistance, please contact our groups coordinator:

E  salesda-dourovalley@sixsenses.com
T  +351 254 660 600


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