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Rise Beyond the Reef - Six Senses Fiji, Fiji

Six Senses Fiji - Rise beyond the Reef

Rise Beyond the Reef

Assisting women in remote communities

This charity introduces guests to a range of small homewares and crafts usilizing traditional skills. The items which are used in the resort and are offered in the boutique support communities in need.

Six Senses Fiji has collaborated with local NGO Rise Beyond the Reef.  This charity works with women in remote communities teaching them to create marketable goods, in the form of small homewares and crafts, using traditional skills. These goods are used in our villas and restaurants and you can find items on offer in the resort boutique. The profit from these products goes into alleviating poverty in the communities.

Rise Beyond the Reef bridges the divide between remote communities, government and the private sector in the South Pacific, sustainably creating a better world for women and children.

They believe if leadership in remote communities can be cultivated and strengthened, if these fire-keepers of traditional knowledge can have a place where they are protected, ignited and supported to grow sustainably in the 21st century, if women have an equal voice that’s heard and respected in their communities, if their experiences and insights are valued, if children’s rights are protected, then the entire community will rise.  Six Senses Fiji aims to help this charity reach their mission by supporting their growth and teaching guests about their culture and community work.

For more information, please call +679 666 5028 or email reservations-fiji@sixsenses.com.


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