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Cambodia Luxury Spa - Six Senses Krabey Island

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Spa Experts

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Combining some of the best holistic treatments with the healing benefits of the surrounding environment plus the expert knowledge of our spa team, our wellness programs will set you on a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Discover Tai Chi

Tai Chi helps release stress and improve body flexibility which gives you a stronger and more powerful body.  


You can experience success through stillness by practicing meditation regularly.

If you feel tired, stressed and low on energy – We are here to help.

Your Mind: Turbo boost your energy levels, focus, creativity and overall effectiveness;
Your Health and Vitality: Reduce stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression, migraines, IBS and more;
Your Emotional Balance: Let go of emotional baggage and transform negative emotions;
Your Spiritual Self: Experience a new level of inner peace, wellbeing and fulfillment

Yogic Detox

This program is suitable for more experienced yoga practitioners and draws upon hatha yoga cleansing techniques including sat kriya (movement and breath exercise) to cleanse the internal organs and achieve harmony between the major pranic flows. Aspects of hatha yoga postures known as asanas and more advanced practices of pranayama and meditation are incorporated along with detox treatments to offer a profound experience. Each element of this program is introduced and based on a personalized assessment and guest’s condition.

Meet some of the best experts in alternative medicine, offering physical and spiritual therapies to help you address health concerns, achieve a better state of mind and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

We have a selection of special offers available throughout the month and beyond so get in touch with our spa team and plan your relaxing experience in advance.

Spa Treatment Highlights

Wellness Therapies

Let our skilled therapists introduce you to a menu of specialist treatments offering a personalized journey of healing and rejuvenation, and resulting in a higher sense of wellbeing.

Gua Sha

Promote circulation and metabolic processes with this traditional healing technique that involves palpation and cutaneous stimulation of the skin with the pressured strokes of a round-edged instrument. Treatment results in the appearance of tiny red petechial or sha, as raising sha removes blood stagnation considered to be pathogenic.

Ba Guan Cupping

Improve blood circulation and stimulate the energy flow with this ancient Chinese healing technique that involves the application of heated cups on the skin to create a vacuum and release blockages. Recommended for specific areas of the body suffering from stiffness, muscular pain and where increased circulation is desired.

Chinese Reflexology

The ancient art of working on pressure points of the feet, hands and ears that correspond to different parts of the body in order to stimulate elimination, improve circulation and support the immune system. This treatment restores the yin and yang equilibrium, encourages healing and strengthens the body. 


We have selected some of the best Six Senses signature techniques, holistic treatments and local experiences to create blissful spa journeys which elevate and stimulate all the senses.


Considered to be one of the three treasures that constitute life, Shen or spirit is viewed as an integral part of our health and well-being. This journey is created to cultivate the radiance of spirit.
Private Yoga Tai Chi
Herbal Bath Experience
Tui Na
Six Senses Soothing Facial with Jade Stone


A powerful series of restorative treatments to boost the body’s overall defence systems, and ideal for those looking for authentic, results-oriented treatments based exclusively on traditional Chinese Medicine.
Tradition Chinese Medicine Consultation
Ba Guan Cupping
Tui Na
Treatments may vary depending on the results of consultation


Yin and Yang offer the ultimate illustration of balance and harmony, with opposing forces interconnected in order to create duality. This journey restores balance to the body through manipulation of meridian pathways, ensuring positive health and longevity.
Six Senses Signature Body Toner Treatment
Oriental Massage
Chinese Reflexology


Our massages offer truly individual journeys during which you will discover the power of a healing touch from skilled therapists and attain the quintessential body and mind balance.

Six Senses Signature Massage - Daoyin Tao

Focusing on face, neck and shoulders, this treatment is a powerful synergy of softened and adapted Chinese and stylized Western massage techniques to treat the energy disturbances that are at the root of health concerns

Thai Herbal Massage

A full body massage using warm poultices applied to specific pressure points to condition skin and induce a sense of wellbeing.

Indian Head Massage

Using gentle and stimulating techniques, this treatment improves blood flow, nourishes the scalp and induces a deep sense of calm.


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