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When to Visit Laamu - Six Senses Laamu, Maldives

When to Visit


High season is from November to April, with peak season being over Christmas and New Year. All year round you can watch dolphins swim, while diving choices are endless. There is much more wildlife, such as reef sharks, manta rays, colourful fish and amazing birds. Visit Nature Seasons to determine the best time for your visit.



Nature Seasons

All the year around
Diving and Dolphin watching - Six Senses Laamu is the first resort in the Laamu Atoll, and where it is possible to see beautiful and pristine coral reefs within minutes of the resort, on a dhoni ride or even in the House Reef. The reefs show very healthy hard corals, colorful reef fish, Hawksbill and Green Turtles, reef sharks and Eagle Rays - all possible to see either when snorkeling or diving. Manta rays can be encountered throughout the year on one of our close by dive sites. Juveniles of Napoleon Fish hang around the House Reef and dolphins, mainly Spinner dolphins but also Bottlenose dolphins, are commonly spotted from the boat during the dolphin cruise or from the resort.  Guests can participate whenever they like, so long as they are in contact with the resident marine biologist.

May - June and around the end of September
Turtle Nesting - Guests are informed that turtles might have their nests just around their villas.  Each nest is properly protected by putting a net around it and a signboard for guest’s information.

July - October
Turtle Hatching - Once hatching is expected, guests are invited to watch the hatching event and they are informed by the Experiences Team of the hatching time, which is announced by our Marine Biologist, who is fully hands-on during this event.

Sport Seasons

April -  October (peaking during June to September)
Surfing Season - Surf lessons and surf trips are available on a regular basis at our Watersports Center.  Guests can approach any of our hosts from Watersports at any time if they would like to book surf lessons or a surfing trip at our famous Yin-Yang break.

Maldivian Holidays

1. The day Maldives embraced Islam - January 12
2. First of Ramazan - June 6
3. Eid-ul Fithr - July 6
4. Independence Day - July 26
5. Hajju Day - September 10
6. Eid-ul Al'haa - September 11
7. Victory Day - November 3
8. Republic Day - November 11
9. National Day - November 30
10. Prophet Muhammad Birthday - December 11


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