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Luxury Resorts in Vietnam, Ninh Van Bay Sustainable Resort

Environmental Responsibility

To support our environmental and social sustainability activities we have developed policies and procedures in line with Six Senses standards. These policies and procedures will be renewed at least annually to ensure that we are always current in our approaches.

We are committed to comply with, and wherever possible go beyond, Vietnamese and international legislative environmental requirements, such as environmental, public and occupational health and safety, hygiene and employment legislation.

We shall, wherever possible and feasible, give preference to the employment of persons living in Ninh Van Bay or nearby areas, local products and services which do not adversely affect the resort's operational activities, viability and environmental and social impacts

Energy conservation now includes solar panels for water heating

First, we adopted energy efficient light bulbs controlled by sensors, timers, dimmers and other devises throughout the property to ensure conservation of energy. Now we have added solar panels for water heating in the villas and for pathway lighting, saving five percent of all electricity consumed on the property.

Rain water catchment and sustainable distribution

The resort is fortunate to have a natural lake which supplies ample fresh rain water for an uninterrupted supply for guest and general use. But we feel that there is still a need to responsibly conserve this rich resource, so used water is collected for irrigation rather than being discharged in the ocean. Any sludge or residue from the grey water is also handled responsibly and rather than being deposited in landfill it is directed to aerobic digestion, anaerobic digestion and composting where it has virtually no environment impact.

Small contributions to waste management have a big impact
Six Senses Drinking Water
We provide safe and hygienic still and sparkling re-mineralized drinking water to all our guests and hosts from an on-site reverse osmosis plant. Water is bottled in reusable glass bottles to limit the use of plastic bottles. This saves around 10,000 plastic bottles per month from polluting the landfill and being abandoned in other areas.

Alembic distilling
Green operations are related to “Waste-to-Wealth” concepts which contribute in maximizing our sustainability performances. We established an alembic, which can distill and produce essential oils from our on-site grown lemongrass, kumquat and eucalyptus trees. For example, the peel from fruit such as oranges that would normally being disposed to landfill and which is hard to compost due to the high content of oil preventing it from easily decomposing, is collected and the oil is extracted in the alembic. The extracted product can be sold or used in our own operations.

Coral restoration project and other wildlife conservation
  • Crown-of-thorns (COT) is the main threat to coral as they prey on the reefs. Starting in 2017, we have implemented a sustainable way to remove them: mixing one part of vinegar and one part of lime juice then injecting the solution into their body. The COT dies gradually and become good food source for the reef fish.

  • We are collaborating with Oceanography Institute to research and survey the coral as well as planning for the restoration. This year, we launched the coral restoration program with a feasibility study which is expected to successfully nurse more than 80 percent of transplanted coral pieces back to health.

  • We are privileged to have the Black-shanked Douc Langur (Pygathrix nigripes), an endangered species, living in our hills and they can be seen on the hiking trail and around the guests’ villas. We not only respect their habitats and instincts, but also carefully brief guests, while hiking, not to disturb them or give them food when they visit the resort. 

Social Responsibility

School donations
Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is committed to building and maintaining positive relationships with its local communities and providing support in a number of areas. We are proud to have a strong relationship with schools in Luong Son and Ninh Van areas and have assisted in a number of projects to help develop the schools. We improved the schools’ drinking water systems and provided computers so that the teachers and students have a more effective way of teaching and learning.

University support
Six Senses Ninh Van Bay also supports Nha Trang University students on their three-to-four-day charitable trips to remote communities to provide life-skills lessons and basic facilities such as street lights, organic gardens, playground for children and more. This activity not only supports ethnic groups but also helps to encourage students in doing good things and improve their organizational skills.

Earth Lab

Earth Lab is a dedicated space located nearby the entrance to the resort from the Jetty, acting as an Information Center where we share our sustainability projects and initiatives. Earth Lab also reveals scientific yet practical facts and figures that offers awareness and imparts information to persuade visitors to modify their daily behavior and encourages sustainable practices.

Earth Lab tour
An Earth Lab tour is offered every day by our Sustainability Team. The tour allows guests to visit and gain insights of our sustainability projects and initiatives such as the mushroom hut, organic garden, chicken farm, alembic distilling, water treatment and solar hot water system.


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