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Activities in China, China Experience, Chengdu Tour

Experience Highlights

Discover Qing Cheng Mountain

Pandas are just the beginning

From the fascinating Giant Panda breeding base with its nursery of babies and other animals to photography walks through ancient towns and breathtaking countryside, this birthplace of Taoist tai chi will have you enthralled every moment of your discoveries.

Meeting the Pandas

Want to learn more about pandas?

Dujiangyan Panda Valley, or Dujiangyan Research Center of Giant Panda Breeding, is a new giant panda breeding base. The facility contains three areas which are dedicated to breeding, semi-wild reintroduction and full reintroduction.

Currently there are 10 giant pandas in the Center and will be home to 30 to 40 giant pandas, 50 to 100 baby pandas and other wild animals.

Night Tour Photography

Just a 20-minute drive to Dujiangyan’s famous Nan-Qiao Bridge, then stroll through the old streets and climb the ancient city wall at the gates. This tour is a photographer’s dream.

The Ancient Fortress

On this amazing excursion you visit the more than 2,000-year-old fortress in Taoping. Walk through the village with its ancient stone houses and climb up the impressive watch towers. Travel back in time and discover a place where traditional customs have remained unaltered for ages. 

Qing Cheng Mountain - Birthplace of Daoism

The mountains of Qing Cheng are famous for their solitude and serenity. It is also a hiker’s paradise; picturesque treks are offered throughout the mountains.

This half-day adventure hike takes you into the mountains and the home of Daoism where you’ll witness Daoist living. On the way up you will see the Jianfu Palace and the Pavilion of Happiness. Halfway up, you reach the Tianshi Cave, the birthplace of Daoism. And upon reaching the summit of Qing Cheng Mountain you enjoy an incredible panoramic view.


Origin of the legendary Silk Road

Follow in the steps of Marco Polo to see a working irrigation system built in 256BC, picturesque gardens, temples, ancient river crossings and amazing views. Adventure onto Black Mountain and thrill to the cultural highlights at Chengdu, or even take on some river rafting.

Follow Marco Polo

On this half-day trip you visit the famous Dujiangyan Irrigation System which was built in 256 BC. Here you will see the oldest and largest extant irrigation works in the world. This project still plays a role in modern times. This journey includes a relaxing walk through the beautiful Qingxi Garden and over the Jingang Dike, which crosses the Minjiang River via the Anlan Bridge.

At the top of the mountain, you reach Erwang Temple which provides breathtaking views of Dujiangyan. Afterward, take a stroll through the ancient part of the city before heading back to the resort.

Ancient Town of Tai’An

This adventure begins in the ancient town of Tai’An. On the verdant and easy hiking trails through Qing Cheng Back Mountain you will have the chance to learn about local flora and fauna. This landscape is very similar to the natural habitat of the giant panda. On this tour you will wind through the mystical mountains you visit the Peach Garden and the White Cloud Temple.

Giant Buddha Leshan

The Giant Buddha of Leshan, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site, is the tallest sitting Buddha statue in the world. Located in Leshan at the confluence of three rivers, it was built more than 1,300 years ago and brings many legends and stories with it. Climb up the staircase beside the Buddha statue and get the most beautiful pictures, and when going on a little river cruise.

Cultural Highlights of Chengdu

This day trip to Chengdu is full of cultural highlights.

Learn about Chinese poetry and life during the Tang Dynasty when visiting Dufu’s Thatched Cottage, home of one of the most important and influential writers in Chinese history then visit the Jinsha Museum, a combination of modern civilization and the ancient Shu State, Wu Hou Temple or also called Temple of Marquis Wu which was dedicated to the famous Zhuge Liang or the Qingyang Temple, one of the most famous Taoist Temples in China with it’s amazing Eight Trigrams Pavilion.

Recreational Activities

So much to do close-by

You don’t have to go very far afield for some fun recreational activities such as picking succulent strawberries, cherries, grapes and kiwi fruit nearby. And right on-site there are cooking classes in the resort’s organic garden and great wine-tasting experiences with local and imported vintages.

Sichuan Cooking Classes

Sichuan cooking is really all about a variety of flavors: spicy, salty, smoky and many more. Learn in this hands-on activity to prepare signature dishes of the famous Sichuan cuisine and to cook with it’s “ma la”, a combination of fiery chili peppers and Sichuan peppercorns.

Family Experiences

Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain is a children friendly resort. You’ll find toys and things of interest for children and families around the resort, toddler’s chairs in the restaurants, and baby cots for your villa on request.

Children's Activities

Children Activities:

  • Children Cooking Classes
  • Bicycle in the Resort
  • Movie Afternoons
  • Exploring the Organic Garden
  • Indoor Games


List of complimentary on site activities for families:

  • Cycling
  • Tennis
  • Board Games
  • Indoor Pool


List of other activities for family

  • Private Picnics
  • Yoga Classes
  • Tai Chi Classes
  • Family Cooking Classes
  • Panda Tours


Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain is the ultimate wedding destination of your dreams. The spacious multi-purpose Qing You Hall is the perfect setting for a wedding reception for up to 250 guests. To further expand the inspiring possibilities, a covered terrace and an outdoor lawn area are integrated into the primary space. A dedicated team is on hand to provide support and service from the initial planning stages through to the conclusion of every exceptional event.

Contact Information

Please contact our Catering Sales Manager for further information and assistance.

E  catering-qingcheng@sixsenses.com
T  +86 28 6199 8666

Events and Meetings

Designed for maximum flexibility, the pillar-free Qing You Hall can be divided into three separate spaces that are ideal for meetings, smaller gatherings or breakout areas. Not only a perfect venue for a wedding reception, Qing You Hall can also accommodate gala dinners, banquets of 300, cocktails and receptions of 480 invitees, and meetings with a classroom setup for 280 or theater configuration for 420 attendees.

Small meetings and social gatherings can also be arranged in four meeting clusters at The Square. Add the element of Six Senses Spa and a customized dining experience, which features Sichuan, Cantonese and regional cuisine - with an organic aspect, to complete your out-of-the-ordinary events. Our team of experts will assist with your planning to ensure that the event is everything that you could desire.

Contact Information

Please contact our Catering Sales Manager for further information and assistance.

E  catering-qingcheng@sixsenses.com
T  +86 28 6199 8666


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