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Farmers Market China, Qing Cheng Mountain Farmers Market

SSQCM farmer market SSQCM organic farm

Weekly Farmers’ Markets

Fresh from the garden and local farms

Commencing in April, Farmers’ Markets will be held on the resort’s beautiful grounds each Sunday. The resort has one of the area’s largest gardens where fresh produce is grown and harvested.

Executive Chef, Rick Gonzalez, is busy planning the planting season as well as the menus for the restaurants. He coordinates with the landscaping team who has tended the land around the resort for years, to see what is required for a bountiful and continuous harvest. Together with the large variety of produce from the team, local farmers from the nearby areas are encouraged to join the market and display their harvest.

The Farmers’ Market is a wonderful opportunity for guests to learn about the variety of crops from the resort’s vast gardens and the surrounding area. They will also be able to purchase a variety of vegetables, herbs and mushrooms to take home as their little piece of Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain.

The farmer’s will retain all the income earned from the sales, while the resort will support the setting up and showcasing, and sharing information on recycling and in-house composting with visitors and guests.

Events like the Farmers’ Market highlight the efforts of the resort’s gardeners, chefs, farmers and caretakers of the land who normally would go un-recognized. But on Sundays, they are the stars, showcasing their accomplishments while conversing with guests and sharing their knowledge.

The winters in and around Sichuan, especially near the mountains, usually continue through to the conclusion of Chinese New Year. From mid-March the blossom season begins with new buds and sprouting leaves filling the area making it delightfully colorful and picturesque. It’s quite an attraction for visiting families to actually see and taste fresh vegetables, reinforcing the resort’s values and the commitment to use fresh, organic and sustainable produce.

For more information please call +86 28 8728 9871 or email reservations-qingcheng@sixsenses.com.


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