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Chengdu Weather, When to Visit Qing Cheng Mountain

When to Visit

Giant Panda

Chengdu weather is relatively mild throughout the year, and features four clear-cut seasons – long and warm spring, short and sultry summer, cool and rainy autumn, cold and misty winter. The rainy season usually arrives in July and August. Some of the best times to visit Chengdu are March to June and September to November.


Nature Seasons

All year around
Panda watching - The panda is the natural treasure of China, and Sichuan is hometown of the panda. There is a wild panda research center in Qing Cheng, a 10-minutes drive from the resort. People can stay at the panda centre overnight to learn more about the animals and the research, if they desire. Visitors are also invited to feed the pandas.

Wild kiwi picking - Visitors can join with the locals to pick wild Kiwi fruit in mountains of Dujiangyan or at the botanical garden, which is operated by the local community.

Chinese herbal remedies -  The local residents have an impressive record of longevity, which they attribute to specific Chinese medicines. Visitors can try these special remedies, which have very unique tastes and smells.

Festive Seasons

Chinese New Year – Also known as Lunar New year, this is a big celebration in China. There are local firework displays, red-coloured decorations abound, and of course the local dragon-dances. 

Dujiangyan Water Irrigation System - This celebration is for the historic Dujiangyan Water Irrigation System, which was constructed in B.C.256, resulting in prosperous lands. Locals dress in ancient attire, with a performance play at the Minjiang River, between two mountains.

Birth of Taoism - A Celebration in honour of the birth of Taoism at Qing Cheng Mountain. Visitors can learn how to play the ancient game of Taiji Fist.

Chinese Holidays
  1. New Year Day - January 1
  2. Chinese New Year - February 7  
  3. Tomb-sweeping Day - April 3
  4. Labor Day - May 1
  5. Dragon Boat Festival - June 8
  6. Mid -Autumn Festival - September 14
  7. National Day - October 1

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