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New Sustainability Coordinator - Six Senses Samui, Thailand

Six Senses Samui - Sustainability Coordinator

New Sustainability Coordinator

Welcome to Tanita Cheevaphantusri

Nita, as she is better known, has a passion for sustainability, believing that small steps can make a big difference. Open minded and always striving to learn and implement new ideas, she is a great asset to the team.

Determined to do her bit to bring positive impacts to the community, Nita recently graduated with a degree in environmental science. She did an internship at West Virginia University, focusing on a research on shrub willow, a biomass crop that is becoming an important source of renewable energy. She also studied in Bhutan in 2016 and did a case study on the trend of fuel wood consumption after the availability of electricity, an important primary energy source that is being relied on by many countries.

Nita enjoys playing ultimate Frisbee and also loves hiking to get a true sense of nature. 

Nita is open to discuss more about sustainability and can be reached at sustainability-samui@sixsenses.com.


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