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Environmental Responsibility

Six Senses Samui is continually developing new initiatives and procedures to minimize our impact on the environment.

Six Senses Samui is located on a headland on the northern tip of Samui Island. It is set amongst 20 acres of indigenous plantings and offers stunning views of the surrounding sea and outlying islands.

Six Senses is an acknowledged industry leader in sustainability practices through careful consideration of the effects that operating systems, materials and purchasing policies have on the environment. We are therefore continually developing new initiatives and procedures to minimize our impact on the environment.

Environmental Management System

At Six Senses Samui we are constantly updating our Environmental Management System to incorporate the best practices of the industry and numerous sustainability schemes. This approach helps us develop an Environmental Management System that represents the best of the best.

Recycling Centre

In our recycling center located at the heart of the house, recyclables are collected and processed.

Materials that we collect and send out for recycling include: aluminium, plastic, glass and paper and other common household items. Our vision is to become a community-based, self-contained recycling centre.

Energy & Resource Saving Measures

Day to day, our operations are constantly reviewed in order to lessen the environmental impact. We are constantly looking for ways to save resources and improve our local environment. With the appointment of a corporate-level executive solely responsible for promoting environmental issues, we have raised our commitment to the highest level and looking for even more ways to improve our environmental performance.

Social Responsibility

In recent years Six Senses Samui has initiated many projects to minimize our impact on the environment and our local community. 

Examples of projects to minimize our environmental impact include creating our own bio-diesel, filtering and recycling our wastewater, plus working together with UNICEF and Restaurants Against Hunger. Currently we are looking at initating many more projects at our Heart of the House area focusing on supporting the environment.

Cleaning around Baan Plai Laem

Six Senses Samui makes sure that it keeps the environment surrounding the Front of the House and Heart of the House clean. During the year, groups of hosts go out on the beach or spread out over the island to collect garbage that has collected in the ditches next to the road or that has gathered in the shrubs.

Community Service at Baan Plai Laem School

Acknowledging that today's children are our future generation, we attempt to eliminate barriers to their education by providing support in school activities and supply stationery needs to assist in their schooling. in return, we are invited to use the school’s sport facilities such as volleyball, basketball and football fields. This is where our hosts get together to play sport, keep fit and engage in local sports competitions.

We are keen to grow our community service programs as they ultimately improve the education of our children well beyond the usual local levels.

Our mission is also to raise public awareness as well as maintain a mutual relationship between the resort and community.

The painting of the Baan Plai Laem School is just one example of a social contribution project carried out by the Social Contribution Programme at Six Senses Samui. A team of 40 resort hosts participated in the painting of the school’s external walls resulting in a brighter impression for local residents and for visitors to Samui. It was the second such project between Six Senses Samui and the Baan Plai Laem School. In February, hosts, whose birthday fell in that month, celebrated by preparing and serving lunch at the local school.

The resort is committed to putting its financial and human resources into the local community and plans to carry out environmental projects, educational awareness campaigns and community partnership projects like those carried out with Baan Plai Laem School, in the local Bangrak area.


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