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When to Visit Zighy Bay | Zighy Bay Weather | Six Senses

When to Visit

Honoury Host

High season is from November to April, at which time we promote outdoor and daytime activities such as hiking, biking, and many more adventures and excursions. During the warmer months from May to September, the property offers a large variety of indoor and evening activities, in addition to whale shark watching from January to March.

Nature Seasons

March - April
Tuna season - Many Omanis make their livelihood from fishing, and the villagers of Zighy Bay are traditional fishermen. For a few weeks the Musandam waters are rich with local Tuna, with some catches even valued up to 3,000 OMR!

January - March
Whale shark season - The whale sharks migrate from the southern bay of Oman to the Straits of Hormuz during seasonal shifts and change in water temperature; this is the best time for a chance of spotting them in a transient position around Lima Rock.  They may be spotted at the dive sites north of the resort less than 45 minutes by speedboat away and in the open waters; usually within the first 40 feet (12 meters) of water. 

Sport Seasons

October - April
Adventure activities - Trekking, rock climbing, canyoning, mountain biking and hiking are among some of the high-adrenaline activities for which Oman is well known. The weather conditions are perfect for a day with mother nature.  Pre-booked appointed slots should be made with the Experiences team

Oman and UAE Holidays

1. New Year's day - January 1
2. Al Isra Wal Mi'raj - May 5
3. Eid Al Fitr - July 6 to 11
4. Renaissance day - July 23
5. Eid Al Adha - September 11 to 14
6. Hijri New Year - October 2
7. National Day - November 30 and December 1
8. Birthday of Prophet Mohammed - December 12 

1. New Year's Day - January 1
2. Israa and Miaraj Night - May 5
3. Eid al Fitr - July 6
4. Eid al Fitr Holiday - July 7
5. Arafaj (Haj) Day - September 10
6. Eid al Adha - September 11
7. Hijri New Year's Day - October 2
8. Martyrs Day - November 30
9. UAE National Day December 2
10. UAE National Day Holiday - December 3
11. Birthday of Prophet Mohammed - December 11


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