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Zighy Bay Eco Resort, Oman Ecotourism - Six Senses

Environmental Responsibility

To be in harmony with the environment 

One environmental project includethe creating of a marine protected area by influencing decision-makers and engaging local communities of the Musandam Peninsula and mainland Oman. The ultimate aim of the study is to protect the reefs of the Musandam peninsula through education and capacity building.

Ghost busters of the Gulf

Diving hosts at Six Senses Zighy Bay are being trained to remove ghost nets left by fishermen in the Gulf of Oman and rescue sea creatures that have been caught in them. 

This sustainability effort that began in February has been introduced by the Oliver Ridley Project in the Indian Ocean. Whenever there are diving trips in the Gulf of Oman, the professionally trained resort team dive to locate and remove these ghost nets and release trapped creatures. At the same time, the host team clean up the diving spots, not only of ghost nets, but any other debris left behind by fishermen.

Not satisfied with just cleaning up the ocean bed, the resort team also organizes beach cleanups on a monthly basis. These are made more fun by arranging sand art days, with guests invited to attend during Earth Day. Clean-up activities are continuously organized on special events day such as World Environment Day and International Coastal Cleanup Day too. To add a touch of competitiveness, hosts are divided into four house teams – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow – and house members are awarded points for their attendance, with the house earning the most marks being given a year-end token of appreciation.

Trees For The Earth

Keeping the earth green is not been a new effort in Zighy Bay.

From the first quarter of 2016, Six Senses Zighy Bay has been continuously making initiatives to involve hosts, villagers, local municipality and also guests in tree planting to make Zighy Bay as well as the near town Dibba a beautiful green landscape.

During Earth Hour alone, six guests were involved in tree planting with us by planting trees in the organic garden.

Continued efforts were planned on Earth Day, with 45 hosts managed planting 20 trees in the organic garden, joined by 20 guests planting 10 more trees in the beautiful green patch.

On the same day, moving towards the Zighy Village, Six Senses Zighy Bay's hosts managed to pool a manpower of 18 people and encouraged five villagers to plant 10 more trees in this neighboring fishing village.

Without putting a stop to it, the team has managed to convince the local municipality of Dibba Oman to join in this applauded effort on World Environmental Day. Around Dibba town coastal road and public beach, the municipality team as well as resort's hosts managed to plant 15 coconut trees along the beach.

During the day as well hosts were entertained with games and photo session to keep them energized throughout the summer heat.

Water Initiative System - Crystal Plant

Six Senses Zighy Bay has always consumed drinking water that is produced in-house via our own Crystal Plant. How do we do it?

Let's discover the water initiative system led by the engineering team:

1. Main water intake from Reverse Osmosis (RO) plant water tank is channeled to the Crystal plant tank.

2. Crystal water intakes are channeled into the Crystal RO Plant main feed water filter cartridges. Filtered water intake then flows into active carbon filter and water softener to ensure the incoming water quality is well protected and up to our standards.

3. Good quality water intakes are channeledinto a high pressure booster pump and then pumped into membranes.

4. During this reverse osmosis process we obtain crystal clear drinking water with low Total Dissolved Solids (TDS).

5. Crystal still drinking water is produced. To produce sparkling water we add CO2 (carbon dioxide).

After producing Crystal still and sparkling water it is filled into Six Senses labeled glass bottles. Before filling the bottles hosts have been trained to follow strict hygiene procedures.


Social Responsibility

At Six Senses Zighy Bay we believe in contributing to the well-being of our local community and giving back.

There are severalsocial projects to develop relations with the residents of the area that surround the resort. Some of these projects are financial aid while others would involve sponsorship for women’s associations, medical aid for villagers or sponsorship for the local sports club of Dibba.


Corporate Social Responsibility to the orphanage of Tacloban City, who were victims of Typhoon Yoland

Contributions or donations were sent to Start Again Project, a group formed to assist the victims of Typhoon Yoland in Tacloban City Leyte Philippines. Zighy Bay has managed to raise a fund equivalent of PHP 30,000. The donation made a difference in the children's lives, as they are now equipped with better educational materials.


Uplifting the social livelihood of local villagers

Not only does Six Senses Zighy Bay support the local community with amonthly allowance for each family, job opportunities within the resort ensure that the property abides with the local content law set by the municipality or the government. Acts of cash in kind are supported also with marriage allowances for those in need so they may start a family with the basics provided.

Nurturing the health and fitness

Cash in kind were also contributed to provide the local sports club of Dibba with the right equipment and upgrades which promotes balanced work life, health and fitness as well as wellness. Medical aid was also extended to those who are in need, especially for itemswhich would cost beyond what a villager could afford i.e., such ashearing machine aids, basic medical necessities for the villagers and medication allowance and support for selective medical cases.

Creating a conducive environment and support for the local women's development is in the mission of our social responsibility tooSponsorships are extended to thelocal Dibba women's association for them to conduct programs and activities that would support women's equality and their missions in upgrading skills and contribution towards the community by way ofthe women's association efforts.


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