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Coral Restoration at Félicité - Six Senses Zil Pasyon, Seychelles

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Coral Restoration at Félicité

Six Senses partners with Nature Seychelles

Six Senses Zil Pasyon has recently partnered with Nature Seychelles, a local NGO, to pursue coral restoration around Félicité Island.

Nature Seychelles spent two weeks at Félicité setting up the coral nursery just off Anse Peniche. Coral was transplanted from a resistant reef off the shores of Big Sister Island that is under threat of sea snails. These corals are strong, having survived last year’s El Nino, but with a snail population that outnumbers the healthy coral, they could be gone within a short time. Along with the removal of the coral from this site, the coral nursery will be able to grow the 20 to 30 harvested segments into 2,000 to 3,000 segments over a one-year period. When the coral is ready to be placed, ten percent of the grown coral will be taken back to the donor site, growing the colony by ten times its original size.

The set-up of the project required several phases, from building the nursery, which resembles a sort of hammock with long lines of rope draped between piping that is planted into the ocean floor. The harvested coral was then tied into the lines, where it is able to grow freely around the rope into small clusters. After these clusters grow to sizable proportions, they can be removed and planted.

During the next year, representatives from Nature Seychelles will live on site at Six Senses Zil Pasyon to monitor the progress and maintain the nursery. The nursery requires regular checks to ensure the coral is growing properly and to monitor the health of the project.

Coral is expected to grow 500 to 800 percent over the one-year period, after which they can be removed from the nursery and replanted.

Anna Zora, sustainability manager and marine biologist, also serves as the project manager for Six Senses Zil Pasyon. The coral nursery is an exciting project for the property, as the negative effects of climate change on marine life has become more visible in recent years. Having the opportunity to help rebuild the underwater environments is positive both for the local environment where the resort operates and the tourism that visits the island, as the coral reefs will invite back the beautiful marine life for guests to see while snorkelling or diving around Félicité.

Guests are welcome to swim the lines and see the plantation for themselves. Six Senses Zil Pasyon offers guests the opportunity to be involved with the many sustainability initiatives under way at the resort. In addition to touring the coral plantation, guests may go on a sustainability hike, where they explore the unrestored parts of the island and learn about the reforestation work that has been underway for nearly ten years. They may also participate in the reintroduction of the native species of the island with the planting of indigenous and endemic trees around the resort.

For more information please call +248 467 1000 or email reservations-zilpasyon@sixsenses.com.


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